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Meghalaya is the 21st state of India declared on 21 January 1972. Literally means the 'Abode of the Clouds'. It is a region of great scenic beauty; a panorama of lush, undulating hills, meandering rivers, waterfalls, streams and lakes. It united the areas of the Khasi, Jaintia and Garo Hills. The State is divided into three hilly regions-the Garo Hills i.e. Western Meghalaya, the Khasi Hills i.e. Central Meghalaya and the Jaintia Hills i.e. Eastern Meghalaya. Travelers can come across villagers competing in archery as it is one of the sport and competitions are held regularly in most villages. The forests are known for its biodiversity. The flora and fauna found here are unique to the state like the mammals, birds, and plants. Meghalaya is a peaceful state with minimum crime rate. Traveler will come across churches, temples, mosques, gurudwara and monastery etc. People of the state are hospitable, colorful, god fearing and are religious minded. They participate in their festivals which themselves draw lots of visitors. Meghalaya is also known as the adventure for caving.

Must Visit Northeast Tourist Places

Shilong :

It is one of the most beautiful hill stations in north east India. It is the capital city of the Meghalaya State as well. Shillong is the districts headquarter of East Khasi Hill District. Shillong is a major tourist attraction today. Due to its geographical location and elevation, it experiences sub - tropical climate with mild summers and chilly to cold winters and the Cherrapunjee belt receives the highest rainfall in the world. Shillong also experience / receives heavy rainfalls during monsoon. October to April is the best season to visit Shillong. It has one of the largest and natural golf courses in Asia. Shillong is scenic and enjoyable, it is also offers its visitors all the charms of tourism. The people of Shillong are cheerful, hospitable, peaceful and social, something reflected in their music, dance and sports. There are a few festivals held in Shillong with much fun fare. There are a few Churches and Cathedral and some of these are so spacious and large that they can be easily accommodating a few thousand worshippers.

Cherrapunjee :

Cherrapunjee is also known as the Scotland of the East, locally and officially known as Sohra. It was the headquarters of the Khasi / Jaintia province during British rule which was however shifted to Shillong in 1864. It is one of the most developed trading centers in the Khasi Hills. It is also the wettest region of the world with some breathtaking waterfalls. The average rainfall is 12,000 millimeters a year and the record for a single day was 2455 millimeters recorded in 1974 confirming it as the wettest place on Earth. A large variety of spices, flowers, medicinal plants and mushrooms are also grows in the in this region. The drive from Shillong to Cherrapunjee is 60 kilometers and one hour drive, the beautiful waterfall Nohkalikai is at Cherrapunjee. Caving is an important part of Meghalaya and Cherrapunjee explore some of the caves in and around Cherrapunjee.One of the most used packages by tourist is Shillong - Cherrapunjee - Kaziranga - Kohima - Touphema - Dimori Cove - Jorhat - Majuli – Guwahati.

Jowai And Jaintia :

The most important town in the Jaintia Hills district is Jowai situated at an elevation of nearly 1,380 metres, and at a distance of nearly 70 Kilometers from Shillong. Annual festival of Behdeinkhlam is celebrated in great fun fare in Jowai. The journey from Shillong to Jowai is mesmerizing. The scenic beauty along the route by road is grassy meadows, meandering Myntdu River, colorful graveyards, rice terraces and woods of oak or pine. It is a picturesque urban settlement at a distance of 65 kilometers to the eastern side of the popular hill station, Shillong. It is situated at an elevation of nearly 1400 meters. It offers its visitors natural glaze and a placid ambiance. Jowai is the coveted headquarters of the Jaintia district and the tribes are under the impression that they are the successors of the mighty Mongolians. Since, Jowai in Meghalaya is situated at a stone's throw from the enthralling tourist hub, Shillong; it can be accessed by buses that leave for Silchar. The grandeur is enhanced by the presence of the Myntdu River and an artificial lake known as Thadlaskein Lake where one can take the pleasure of boating.

Ranikor :

Ranikor is a small town on the border of India and Bangladesh. It is a relatively unexplored land, splendid visions of rows of pine trees, lush hills and quaint cottages will please you. Driving to Ranikor will also take you through the wettest land on earth known as Mausindram. It is one of the best angling spots. The river originates from a town called Rilang and the fishing zone on the river Kynshi is approximately 15 to 16 kilometers from Ranikor. The species of fishes found here are chocolate mahseer, goonch / catfish, eels, golden mahseers, golden carp, silver carp and the common carp. Tourist can even row up the Ranikor river where the Kynshi and Rilang. The sight is picturesque for the fine rock cliffs surrounding the clear water. It’s a place for leisure and adventure tourism. Accommodations available are not too luxurious but are good enough to provide you a perfect comfort. It is a reservoir of horticultural, inhabited by Garo, Khasi, Jaintia Bhoi and War tribes and offers a peaceful atmosphere.

Tura in Garo Hill :

This virgin area is nearly 330 kilometers from Shillong the capital of Meghalaya otherwise known as the abode of clouds also home to the Khasi highland tribes. Tura is situated at an elevation of 657 metres and has a picturesque landscape of hills overlooking the mighty Brahmaputra River. Tura Peak is an ideal place for rock climbers, hikers and naturalists. Nokrek Biosphere Reserve covers an area of about 800 square kilometers and an exciting trekking track is from Nokrek to Tura through the Tura Peak passing through some thick virgin tropical forests before reaching the Tura Peak. Another interesting spot at the confluence of two rivers namely Ganol and Rongram is an Old Stone Age site which is worth visiting. The major circuits of Meghalaya such as Shillong-Jowai, Shillong-Tura and Shillong-Sohra are well developed and in the other areas the conditions of roads are not so developed. Visit to Badadam area is a must, here one can find the Borangs or the original tree houses are a common sight. Tura – Babadam – Nokrek – Tura and Tura – Siju – Balpakram – Baghmara – Tura and Tura – Balpakram – Siju – Shillong – Jowai are some of the popular tour packages in and from Tura. Tura is a place of solace and tranquility and provides the right atmosphere for all adventurer, nature lovers and trekkers. Canopy of thick, tall and lush green forests cover Nokrek.

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